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About Taurus Sign Born

April 21 to May 21


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Taurus can be self indulgent and stubborn but with all that the Taurean makes a good person to depend on, following through with any promises to help or, in matters of family responsibilities, seeing that their needs are met over and beyond what one would expect. The taurean is possessive and greedy to a great extent and it will usually show up in dietary habits if it is not readily apparent in human relationships. What a Taurean owns, belongs to Taurus and NO ONE ELSE! It is the sign that is closer to the earth than all the others and therefore the Taurus may have to battle the baser urges more than most.

The main possession of a Taurus is their sense of oneness and harmony with the earth. When you have gotten in tune with this inner sense then you will no longer feel harassed into trying to gain all the money and possessions you want just to supplement a feeling that, hereto fore, you were not able to comprehend. You have a positive effect on other peoples lives due to your sense of calmness and inner peace that acts as an inspiration. You have an earthly wisdom that is much sought after which makes you a popular person with your peers.

There is a darker side to your earthly wisdom and oneness that is your most dangerous side if not kept under control and mastered. These traits are , inertia, sluggishness and 'the beast'....grossness which comes about as a result of the fear of changes or of things you think you cannot handle. When you are overtaken with these fears you quickly attract those that will irritate you to the point of making the changes, fear or no fear and it is then that stability reasserts itself.

Ultimately you must decide on, claim, and hold to your highest values, discarding all those things in your life that is of lesser lights. This way will you be able to meet the challenges laid out for you by the stars on the day you were born. You must root out and overthrow the tendencies of greed and jealousy as vibrating to a higher level leaves no place in your life for such qualities.


Check Your Daily Tamil Astrology Prediction

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