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Numerology for number 4 - four All those born on 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month are governed by number 4 and this is their ruling number.


Born on the 3rd of the month

This number is governed by the planet Jupiter.  It stands for morality, pure love and justice with mercy and is known as the greatest benefic and the uplifted.  The vibrations emitted by this number are essentially harmonious and they lead to sympathy and untiring effort to do good to all, devout piety and true dignity, the abuse of the same vibrations causes the stimulation of Jupiter an virtues leading to hypocrisy, especially in religious matters.  Good nature is marred by excess in many directions.


You are usually lucky in life.   Vibrations radiating through you strict all that is good  to you and your affairs prosper as a consequence.  Judges who give wise decisions and merciful sentences, physicians and church dignitaries, the world's teachers and philosophers are all mostly governed by the number 3.  Since your birth date is significant of dealings with the masses and of being in the public eye in some capacity, popularity and contact with large numbers of people occupy your time to a large extent.  Cleverness and natural charm bring a lot of friends to you and you are the centre of every group's attention.  You are versatile, to the extent of sometimes being puzzled as to what  form of expression your talents should take.  You are for this reason somewhat inclined to scatter your talent and should learn that specialization  in the single field of your choice will bring greater rewards  than dabbling in many.

You have a strong desire for peace and harmony and become sensitive to anything of a deliberately discordant nature.  You are naturally courteous and desirous of being on good terms with other people, but you will always need to maintain a proper independent spirit so as to prevent certain people from imposing upon you, as they are aware of your natural disinclination to enter into arguments or disputes.  You can be adaptable but you can also be very easily upset by adverse criticism or temporary rebuffs and inclined to take things more to heart than you should do.

You take an active interest in sports and outdoor activities from your earliest youth.  You have tremendous enthusiasm and are not self-centered.  Your intellect is of a very high quality.  You have a kind of vision that understands the world and love it for what it is, and not for what it ought to be.  You are tolerant, humorous and truthful.  You have a broad mind and entirely lack malice or petty jealousies.

Your main characteristics are ambition, leadership, religion, pride, honour, love for nature, enthusiasm, generosity, respect and reverence.

Born on the 12th of the month

You have all the basic characteristics explained for number 3 above; so first read them and then read your own as born on the 12th of the month.

You are rather sensitive and there will be extremes of temperament and  ability.  Sometimes you will be extremely cheerful and optimistic.  when you express this side of your nature, together with a degree of sympathy and understanding  for others who are in trouble or difficulty,  you will create considerable popularity and will make a great deal of progress.  On the other hand, you ca give way to extreme sensitiveness and allow yourself to feel hurt at the careless or thoughtless speech or actions of others and will try to cover this up by expressing an apparent air of indifference which will be rather puzzling to those around you, as they will not be aware of having done anything to warrant being ignored by you.

As born on the 12th of the month, you are a well balanced person, highly endowed in attractive physical and mental traits.  In all things, you exercise good judgment and your actions are motivated by the highest moral and ethical standards.  Social life holds a great attraction for you and you set the pace and create the fads.

Authority and honours are the significant aspects of your life.  You have vanity and are proud, ambitious and aspiring.  You are fond of pleasures and are attracted to the opposite sex.  You like to sacrifice for others but become instead a victim of others plans and intrigues.  You are quick to notice trifles.  You have lofty ideals and your relations with others are smooth and harmonious.

Born on the 21st of the month

You have all the basic characteristics as explained for the number 3, therefore first go through those characteristics and then read your own which are as under.

You are kind, generous and loving.  You achieve fame, reputation and honour at a very late age.  You are cheerful and found of travel.  You have a strong feeling of self-respect.  Surprisingly, you have a suspicious nature.

You are considered lucky because you have good fortune, an interesting personality and a magnetic way about you.  The lighter and glittering side of life appeals to you and you are the centre of the social circle.  You like many people and you are popular with both sexes.  You will always have the desire to exercise authority and a degree of domination over others.

Born on the 30th of the month

You have all the basic characteristics explained for number 3 above, so first read them and then read your own as born on 30th of the month.

You have strong power of attraction and,  therefore, friends always gather round you.  You like social life but this does not mean that there is no serious side to your nature.  In fact, you like to fulfill every duty of your career.  You have great potentialities but do no fritter away your talents or money where they will go to waste.  You are fortunate, generous and optimistic.  You have a noble and religious mind.  You like to travel and visit places of pilgrimage.  You can be successful as a teacher, or as an educationist or in administration.  You may be active but you are restless.  When you are face to face with difficulties, you are strong enough to over come them.


You are lucky in financial matters and somehow manage to get enough for your requirement.  You also get opportunities for high grade positions in life and thereby earn quite a lot.  Your ambition, leadership and enthusiasm always push you forward and usually you get all the comforts in life.  You are always early out of puberty and poverty.

In order to be successful i financial matters, please refer to chapter 15 and find out your lucky money number and start all your financial activities on that number.


Now-a-days, there are innumerable vocations ad it is not possible to pin-point any one as such.  However, the vocations given below indicate the utility of your inherent abilities which, if brought into practice, will lead you to be a successful personality in life.

Your love for position and command makes you a politician.  I have observed certain persons of this number occupying very high posts such as ministers, ambassadors, judges and secretaries.  You are cut out for public life, statesmanship, which offices etc., it may be in the army or in the church.  You are a good teacher as well as a preacher.  Professions of doctors, bankers, advertiser and actors are also suitable for you.


On the whole you will have good health and also the power of speedy recuperation.  Even, you are susceptible to certain sicknesses.  The number 3 has a major influence on the blood and the arterial system.  It also governs the sense of smell, the lumber region, the skin and the kidneys.  You are, therefore, liable to suffer from chest and lung disorders, throat afflictions, gout and sudden fevers.  You should try to avoid excess of sugar in the system.  Any tendency towards diabetes should receive immediate attention.

Marriage and Friends.

You have a natural attraction towards those born in the period from 21st June to 20th July and from 21st October to 20th November.  It is, therefore, advisable that you find your marriage.  Partner form this period.  You also have affinity for those who are governed by numbers 3, 6, 7 and 9.  Therefore, select your partner from the series of these numbers and from the above period.

Number 3 as husband

As a general rule, you attain puberty at an early age and marry early.  However, as you are ambitious, your ambitions also make you expect  too many things from your wife and thus you become disappointed.  You desire to have a wife of whom you would be proud.  She should have an attractive personality, a commanding presence, charming manners and intelligence.  It will be good for you to choose a number 3 person or a number 6 person as your life partner.  You are most loving, thoughtful and considerate.  Your passions are adventurous and demand immediate satisfaction.

Number 3 as wife.

You are a good companion to your husband.  You are not an intruder but take an active interest in the business of your husband.  You are efficient in house-keeping and have a sympathetic and balanced outlook on your children.  Your passions are healthy and joyous and your approach to physical love is highly refined and inspiring.


Your best friends are those governed by numbers 1, 3, 5, 6, 7.

Fortunate Days

Your lucky days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Lucky Colours

You should use all shades of yellow, violet, purple and green as these are your lucky colours

Lucky Jewels and Stones

Your lucky jewel is topaz, and your lucky stones are amethyst and cat's eye.

Important Years in Life

Your important years are 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75 etc.  Mostly good and auspicious events take place during these years.  You will either get your graduation, or first job, or your promotion, or a house or your marriage, or any other event which we can call auspicious.

Your good qualities and drawbacks are as under.

Good qualities                                                                     Drawbacks

Ambition                                                                             Cruelty

Dignity                                                                                Dictatorship

Individuality                                                                          Hypocrisy

Philosophy                                                                           Spendthrift

Prestige                                                                               Vanity.


Please also refer t5o the month you are born in.  Combine your characteristics, lucky days, colour and jewels as shown by your number and also by the month you are born in and then find out the common factors and arrive at the final conclusion.

However if you do not find any common factor.  then follow the lucky days, colours and the jewels as shown by your Ruling number and not by the month.

The study of numbers is nothing else but psycho analysis.  The deep-rooted feelings, sentiments, emotions, ambitions and abilities are best represented by numbers.  You can take advantage of your abilities and try to overcome your drawbacks so that life will be easy and successful.

Fadic Number 3

Fadic number is the single number arrived at after totaling all the numbers in your complete birth-date.  If the total of your complete birth-date is 3, it shows the following.

Money questions will always be of exceptional significance.  Opportunities to gain or lose substantially will  be constantly coming their way but with average common sense it would be possible to secure a considerable improvement in your financial status.

Many of your friends will be formed in connection with your career.  Generally you will find yourself among successful people.

On the whole you will have good health but you should take care about troubles connected with the digestion.

Important Note

In order to get full benefit of the things explained herein and to achieve success in life you should act upon the following recommendations:

1. You should do all your important work on your lucky days and also dates.  You may try your luck in lottery by purchasing a ticket where the total of all umbers works out to your lucky number or where the last digit is your lucky number.

2  You can gain confidence if you make use of your lucky colours for painting your living room or bed  room,  or use these colours while selecting your clothes.

3.  You can increase the vibrations of your personality by wearing your lucky jewels/

 4.  You can plan all your important activities during your important years.

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