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Numerology for Number 1 - One All those born on the 1st,  10th, 19th or 28th of any month are governed by number 1 and this is their ruling numbers.


Born on the 1st of the month

This number is governed by the planet Sun and shows originality, activity, energy, enthusiasm, art and brilliance.  If you are born on ay of the above dates, you are spontaneous,  respond to nature and have the capacity to enjoy life.  The planet Sun gives intellectual capacity and therefore you are attracted to pursuits and work of a mental rather than of a physical character and are associated with learning, education and the teaching r training of others.  You have the capacity to hold executive and administrative positions.  Your personality is independent but also has adaptability to some extent.  You gain knowledge through observation and travel.  You have an ability for writing and certain forms of literary work, for journalism and have contact with newspapers and associated publications.


You have an active and highly creative turn of mind.  To follow or obey orders is distasteful to you.  Since you are self-reliant, and confident of your abilities, you never hesitate to tackle the most difficult or the most abstruse of problems.  courage, initiative and leadership distinguish you.

You are an artist and have many talents in you but they are all spontaneous.   You have a taste for everything but choose only the beautiful.  You are gifted with intuition and hardly go deep into any subject.  Even hen you can influence others with your knowledge and flash.  these characteristics make you the hero of the drawing room.  You are changeable and not constant in your friendship.  You are honest and acknowledge your faults.  You have a quick grasp of any subject and can participate spontaneously in conversation.  You have a religious attitude but not in a fanatic or superstitious way.  You also learn the occult sciences and do wonders with your natural gift of intuition.  By nature, you are cheerful, happy and bright and your outlook on life is very optimistic.  You are independent in thought and action and have strong will-power.  Sometimes you are obstinate and selfish.  You are fond of inventions and have creative talents.  You are a better judge of human nature than he average individual.  A new ideas.  It is better that you learn to work well with others so that you can benefit in life as well as improve the impression that you make.

Born on the 10th of the month

You have all the basic characteristics as explained for number 1, so first read those characteristics and then read your own as born on the 10th.

All forms of change, conversion and transmutation are your fields of activity.  You supply the mental power, agility and energy to take the river and make it a dynamo.  You are the executive in your personality and can lead o victory where others fear to tread.  You have creative originality and you enjoy tackling a god hard problem.  You are impressive with a magnetic personality and are respected for your knowledge and intelligence.  You obtain financial benefits from relatives such as father, father -in-law, wife, mother, etc.  You will get success after your 46th year.  You get god position in service and succeed in business also.  You have broad shoulders and a manly figure.

Whilst there is an undoubted brilliance of thought and inspiration and a capacity to take quick and constructive decisions, you find difficulty in exercising adaptability to such conditions and hence you take impulsive and unwise decisions regarding changes and in connection with prevailing associations.  Your erratic tendencies result in sudden upsets and disputes  and you will have disturbance in your working or business interests and you run the risk of losing a job or a position.  You like to take the law in your own hands, and will go your own way irrespective of the desires or commands of others.  In fact, any attempt on the part of people to force you to follow their way will only make you go in the opposite direction.  You should take care not to become overbearing, for the prestige you now command might suffer if you did.

You can get fame or notoriety depending upon your will-power and character.  Usually you have good health and quickly recover from sickness.  You like to help others but hardly get any response from them.  This is particularly so int he case of relatives.

Born on the 19th of the month.

You have all the basic characteristics as explained for number 1 above,  so first go through them and then read your own as stated below.

You are very active, energetic and enthusiastic.  You have an aptitude for research and like to handle subjects in systematic and methodical ways.  You take quick decisions and always like to keep yourself busy in some concrete project or the other.  Your main hobby is sports, and you are interested in several games such as horse-riding, shooting, and other athletic games. You are hasty and impetuous in love affairs which end in quarrels.  You are courageous and have force of character.  You  like to help others even when it means going out of your way.  You have the ability to maintain the secrets of others and others can on fife in you.  It is rather difficult of rather to understand you.  Even when you are in the company of others, you feel lonely at heart.  You are obstinate and find it difficult to extend co-operation to others.  You are prudent and notice even a trivial thing.  You are not an excellent speaker but can explain yourself best in writing.  You can therefore be a good writer.

You have experiences of every kind which widen your perceptions and enhance your wisdom.  The everlasting emotions of the human race course through your temperament, such as love, hate, and self preservation.

You are very expressive and positive in word,  act and feeling.  Fortune follows you but as adventure beckons,   you are likely to pick up and travel on to other pastures.  Your symbol is the overturning wheel from creation to completion and therefore you have varied experiences.  You have to learn to let the benefits accrue so that the uncertainties of life never leave you high or dry.

Born on the 28th of the month

You have all the basic characteristics of she number 1 explained above, so first go through them and then read your own as spelt out below.

You are very generous and spend on charitable works such as schools, institutions, hospitals, etc.  You are not as lucky as number 1, 10 and 19 and have to undergo difficult in public and private life.  You should select your marriage partner very carefully.  You have to provide for the future as you are likely to lose through trust in other.  You are also likely to make many changes in your career.  You hardly ever reveal your emotions and there fore appear cold.  You have an unyielding will power and do not hesitate to carry out your plans.  So it is better for you to work with a collaborator or partner than go it alone.

Do not be too independent in your thoughts or actions.  If you are considered completely self-sufficient, you may lose the warmth of the friendships you now possess.


You are a lucky person as far as your financial status is concerned.  Even though you are extravagant due to your over enthusiastic personality, you also earn enough to maintain your ostentatious disposition in life.  You may not amass wealth but your personality and behavior will make others believe that you are a rich person.  You have temptations for gambling and if  not controlled in time, you may lose to a great extent. 


The main difficulty with you is your attitude not to stick to any one profession or job for a long time.  Usually, every three years there is a change in your career.  You are however, suitable for advertising concerns,  the newspaper business, the cinema industry and can also be successful in theatrical performances.  You can show your art as an interior decorator.  Since you are a good sales man, you should choose vocation which involves relations with foreign commodities.  You are a leader and can be the head of a department, a managing director, etc.  You can succeed as a surgeon, a jeweler, or electrician, or in projects involving research.


On the whole you are a happy-go-lucky fellow and normally of good health.  You will enjoy good health so song as you do not give way to mental strain or worry.  Otherwise there will be a reaction on the nerves with a liability to to nervous disorders and should mental tension be permitted to go to an extreme, to nervous breakdowns.  On the other hand the maintaining of a cheerful and optimistic outlook on life, which you have undoubtedly the capacity to maintain, will enable you to keep in good health and to enjoy many of the social and pleasurable amenities of life and to do a considerable.

Marriage and Friends

You have a natural attraction towards persons born in the period between 21st July and 20th August, between 21st November and 20th December and between 21st March and 20th April.  It is therefore advisable that you select your marriage partner from their period.  You also have an affinity for those who are governed by numbers 1, 4, 5, 7 and their corresponding multiples.  You will be attracted towards intellectual types and yet because of the intellectual bias, there can be an absence of passion and warmth which, despite your own intellectual conception of affairs, you will desire.  Hence it will be somewhat difficult to bring about desired developments.  The marriage partner can be contacted whilst on a journey or as a result of attending a lecture of a discussion group.

Number 1 as husband

You are generous and desire your wife to shine in society.  You want your family members to dance to your tune, and you will not tolerate disrespect.  You have a kind and loving disposition and a loving heart.

Number 1 as wife.

You are aristocratic by temperament and attract people to your home and command great respect.  You need a virile husband who can offer the romantic outlets that your passionate nature requires. 

As a number 1 person are always predisposed to marriage and you are fond of your helpmate provided he is also of equal enthusiasm and has a love of beauty and of dress, at home and in public.  It is, however, often seen that you hardly get a companion of your choice, with the result that you are often disappointed in your married life.


Your best friends are those who are governed by numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9.

Fortunate Days

Your lucky days are Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.

Lucky Colours

You should use all shades of gold and yellow and also of orange and purple as your lucky colours.

Lucky Jewels and Stones

Your lucky jewels are ruby and emerald and lucky stones are moonstone and pale green stone.

Important Years

Your important years in life are 1, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73 etc.  Mostly good and auspicious events take place during these years.  You will either get your first graduation or first job or your promotion or a house or your marriage or any other events which we can say is auspicious.

Your good qualities and drawbacks are as under:

Good qualities                                                                Drawbacks

Aspiration                                                                      Aloofness

Attack                                                                           Domination

Authority                                                                        Impertinence

Confidence                                                                     Inflexibility

Determination                                                                 Pride

Research                                                                       Show

Vigour                                                                            Spendthrift.


Please also refer to the month you are born in.  Combine your characteristics, lucky days, colours and jewels shown by your number and also by the month you are born in and then find out the common factors and arrive at the final conclusion

The study of numbers is nothing but the study of psycho-analysis.  the deep-rooted feelings, sentiments, emotions, ambitions and abilities are best represented by numbers.  You can take advantage of your abilities and try to come over your drawbacks so that life will be easy and successful.

However, if you do not find any common factor, then follow the lucky days, colours and the jewels as shown by your Ruling Number and not by the month.

Fadic Number 1

Fadic number is the single number arrived at after totaling all the numbers in your complete birth-date.  If the total of your complete birth date is 1, it shows the following.

Your long-range ambition will be realized.  Others will seek your advice and will look to you for leadership.  The work you take in hand will ultimately achieve prosperity. However, you may also face trouble because of your arrogance.  You may hurt your friends due to lack of sheer consideration on your part.

Financially you my benefit and there may be a good rise in your income.  It will be necessary for you to take sufficient rest, which is of course very difficult for you, otherwise it may work on your nerves.

If your Fadic number is 1, your speech is direct, forceful and candid.  Your special characteristic is your love for advice-giving, albeit with the highest motives.

Important Note

In order to get full benefit of the things explained herein and to achieve success in life you should act upon the following recommendations:

1. You should do ll your important work on your lucky days and dates.  You many try your luck in lottery by purchasing a ticket where the total of all numbers works out to your lucky number or where the last digit is your lucky number.

2. Your can gain confidence if you make use of your lucky colours for painting your living room or bed room, or use these colours while selecting your clothes.

3. You can increase the vibrations of your personality by wearing your lucky jewels.

4. Your can plan all your important activities during your important years.

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