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Numerology for number 9 - Nine All those born on the 9th, 18th and 27th of any month are governed by the number 9 and this is their ruling number.


Born on the 9th of the month

This number is governed by the planet Mars and shows aggression, resistance, courage, dash and quickness.   You are considered as a fighter.  You are always aggressive in all your acts and will not stop till you achieve your end.  You have the capacity to fight even against all adverse elements and circumstances.  You do not know defeat.  You would have either victory or death.  It is said that the great emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was a believer in numerology and had a battalion of soldiers who were pure Martians.  You are not very tactful or delicate in your talk, but your intention is good and your vigorous manner should not be misunderstood as rough behavior.

You are fiery and dashing and do not have sickly sentiments.  You have audacity and vigour.  You are also fond of gems and vigorous exercise.  When the date of the month is  9 and the total of all the birth-date is also 9, you are governed by a strong number 9 and your Mars is very powerful.  In such a case, you have strong sexual passions and you are attracted towards the opposite sex.  You are prepared to go through any ordeal to gratify your desire.


You are a brave person to whom conflict does not bring the thought of danger.  You are exceedingly devoted to your friends and will fight for them.  You have sympathy and consideration for the weak.  You love children and animals.  You take delight in showing mercy to others.  You like the healing profession.  You are backed by self-control, moral courage and the power of forgiveness.   Your psychological aptitude is remarkable and under all  circumstances you prove your strength of will and exhibit courage.

You have an unusual psychic sense and are inclined to have occult experiences.  Travel will broaden your outlook and should play an important role in your life.  You will travel wide and the road will eventually lead to tolerance, sympathy and a universal love.  You are thoughtful, reflective an studious.  Many of your thoughts and ideas will be in advance of those around you.  In fact, you will find that those with whom you associate will often look to you for advice regarding their problems.  Discretion will be required regarding the taking on of obligations and liabilities, especially of a financial character, where friends and relatives are concerned.  You have some very strong likes and dislikes and will be very firm where your principles, convictions and lines of action are concerned, and will  put up great resistance when others try to force you to do things that are against your own inclinations.

Born on the 18th of the month

You have all the basic characteristics explained for the number 9 above;  so first read them and then red your own as born on the 18th of the month.

You have tenacity and will-power which will overcome any difficulty.  You are not as dashing as number 9, but you are fearless and courageous.  Your strong health makes you passionate.  You inherit property form your father.  You have a disciplined mind and like to help others.  You are painstaking with good judgment, and wise.  You have a very vivid imagination and will be able to recall clearly and easily many of the events which have occurred in the past.  You should utilize the knowledge gained from past experiences to deal with and to regulate present affairs.  Matters to do with the home and the family side of life will always be of great importance to you and will influence many of your decisions and actions.  You can also do many things yourself towards creative domestic comfort and making others feel at home when they are in your surroundings.  You have a very good memory, much tenacity of thought and purpose which enables you to use your imagination to create publicity either for yourself or for others.

Born on the 27th of the month

You have all the basic characteristics explained for number 9 above; so first read them and then red your own as born on the 27th of the month.

On the whole you are a conflicting personality.  You are confident and like to do something for those whose life is miserable or those who are in any way handicapped.  You can develop a spiritual personality and can practice spiritual healing.  On the other side you are fond of he opposite sex and can develop illicit contacts and create scandals.  Sometimes you create unhappiness in your married life.  You are very sensitive and moody and your actions are unpredictable.

The course of your life includes a very wide variety of experiences.  You are an intellectual, and a sympathetic and deep thinker.  Long-range projects fascinate you and all matters of distance and dimension intrigue you.  A career dealing with travel, railroads, ships, telegraphy or television should prove successful for you.


You are lucky in your monetary affairs and earn far more than an average person.  You are also very liberal while spending, especially when it concerns your sweet heart.  You enjoy all the comforts that money can buy.


Nowadays, there are innumerable vocations and it is not possible to pinpoint any one as such.  However, the vocations given below indicate the utility of your inherent abilities which if brought into practice will lead you to be a successful personality.

People with your number are found in all walks of life but you be more suitable for the army and professions where there is full scope for your aggression and courage.  In the army you will rise to high positions; in politics you will be eminent and in business you will exhibit your dashing and pushing nature.  You can be a good doctor or a chemist or a businessman dealing in iron and steel.


Your main health defect arises from heat and you are susceptible to troubles such as piles, fevers, small pox, etc.  You are also likely to suffer from kidney or bladder stone problems.  Throat trouble, bronchitis, laryngitis also trouble you.

Marriage and Friends

You have a natural attraction towards persons born in the period between 21st July and 20th August and between 21st November and  20th December.  It is, therefore, advisable that you select your partner from this period.  You also have affinity for those who are governed by numbers 3, 6 and 9.

Number 9 as husband

Your robust health and strong circulation of blood make you passionate and enthusiastic about married life.  You are fond of a good looking partner and like her to be submissive and passive to your sexual desires.  You are fond of family and children and like to have a good house.  You usually lead a good married life in spite of your hot-tempered nature and eccentricities.  You have a romantic mental picture of what you want in your wife.  This mental picture demands perfection.  The most difficult thing in married life is to satisfy your romantic conception of physical love.  You have a voracious appetite and your wife with her devotion should harmonies with you physically.  Usually, you are suspicious about your wife.

As a result of marriage, you will find it easier to bring about a realization of your hopes and wished.  Your wife will prove to be invaluable in these respects.

You will be a wonderful wife for an ambitious person.  You are a witty and clever conversationalist with a wonderful social presence.  You will assist your husband in his business.  You many also start your own activity and add to the family income.  You will be happy if married to a passionate and possessive man.


Your best friends are those who are governed by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9.

Fortunate Days

Yours lucky days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Lucky Colours

You should use all shades of red, white and yellow.

Lucky Jewels and Stones.

Your lucky jewels are topaz, pearl and ruby and your lucky stones are blood-stones and garnet.

Important Years in Life.

Your important years are 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72 etc.  Mostly good and auspicious events take place during these years.  You will either get your graduation, or your first job, or your promotion, or a house, or your marriage, or any other event which we can say auspicious.

Your good qualities and drawbacks are as under.

Good qualities                                                                Drawbacks

Activity                                                                          Destruction

Courage                                                                         Erratic

Dash                                                                              Hot-tempered

Energy                                                                           Impatient

Enthusiasm                                                                    Quarrelsome.


Please also refer to the month you are born in.  Combine your characteristics, lucky day, colour and jewels as shown by your number and also by the month you are born in and then find out the common factors and arrive at the final conclusion.  However, if you do not find any common factor, then follow the lucky days,  jewels, lucky colours etc.  as shown by your ruling number and not by the month.

The study of numbers is nothing but the study of psycho-analysis.  The deep-rooted feeling, sentiments, emotions, ambitions and abilities are best represented by numbers.  You can take advantage of your abilities and try to overcome your drawbacks so that life will be easy and successful.

Fadic Number 9

Fadic number is the single number arrived at after totalling all the numbers in your complete birth-date.  If the total of your complete birth date is 9, it shows the following;

You are keen to make bold moves.  Naturally, these will arouse much opposition and quite often there will be heated scenes, However, with a little control you should be able to make good progress.  You can look forward to a year of increased activity.  Your Plans should always be very constructive, and extracagant outlays should  be kept in check.  You will be engaged in occupations concerned with tools and instruments of great precision.  You can also do well in science, research and teaching.

Important Note

In order to get full benefit of the characteristics explained herein and to achieve success in life, please act upon the following recommendations.

1. You should do all your important work on your lucky days and also dates.  You may try your luck in lottery by purchasing a ticket  where the total of all numbers works out to your lucky number or where the last digit is your lucky number.

2.  You can gain confidence if you make use of your lucky colours for painting your living room or bedroom, or use these colours while selecting your clothes.

3.  You can increase the vibrations of your personality by wearing your lucky jewels.

4.  You can plan all your important activities during your important years.

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