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year Tamil astrology prediction for துலாம் - Libra - Tamil Jothidam

The coming year brings in much to rejoice and many new lessons learned. IT is likely to be a fine year for you, where financial gains come to you like never before.

If you have fine tastes, yet lack the resources to indulge them, there is a likelihood that it may all come within your reach. There could also be some gains through speculation or games of chance; however, this is a very general indication and accurate forecast can be made on basis of individual horoscope. Those who are involved with fine arts, sports and literature are likely to make a mark in their respective fields.

The time is good for the young people who are drawn towards someone special. Romantic overtures will be reciprocated and you could be spending some really memorable moments with loved ones. As with anything else, there is a flipside here too - stars indicate a disturbed home environment. Your sleep is unlikely to be restful. You are likely to be stressed by the ill-health of parents, disagreements with spouse, issues among siblings etc. People have different personalities and are likely to be inclined to think and act differently.

The only way you can minimize emotional damages is by toning down your expectations of the people in your immediate environment. Just keep fulfilling your responsibilities and your part and all will be fine. Also there may be occasions when you will be asked to pitch in with physical and financial help. Do not hesitate, rather help as well as you can.

There are also chances of your going abroad but you will have to stay wary of swindlers.

Lucky Talisman: Green Coral Astral Trinity
Lucky Crystal: Green Agate

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