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year Tamil astrology prediction for கடகம் - Cancer - Tamil Jothidam

The year appears to be one that ushers in quite a bit of financial gain. There could be new employment, more profitable than the existing or, you may get involved with an additional activity that also adds to your income. There could be gain through inheritance of a legacy..

You could also purchase a new home or immovable property as the year draws to a close. There will be significant expenses but you will be able to meet them. What is important though is that you streamline the scattered finances.

There could also be second hand purchases that add value to your assets. There could be short distance travels that keeps you occupied. Legal issues will also need to be addressed. On a more personal level, you are advised to be a little more flexible and open in order to be able to savour all that life has to offer. If you set limitations for yourself, you may find it extremely difficult to know even your own feelings and expectations.

Personal relationships are likely to be very fruitful as new and exciting people come in your contact. There will be much happening where romance and social interactions are concerned. You are cautioned though that this is a year as much of gains as much as it would be of destruction in the same aspect. It will be good if you handle relationships with care and compassion.

Another interesting observation regarding your sign is that you need to keep the secret if you have been entrusted with one or trouble is likely to follow. You could be participating in religious activities, involving quite a few rituals

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