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The Mount of Venus

(a) Indications for Venusian type

The Mount of Venus is the biggest of all - hand oval - shaped, beautiful and of medium size - soft fingers with conic tips - waisted thumb with weak will power - good Line of Head  - a very good Line of Heart - an irregular Line of Fate - small pink nails.

(b) Physical features

Attractive and handsome - graceful, shapely and well- balanced, medium height - white complexion tinted with pink - round face - smooth and dimpled cheeks - eyebrows beautifully curved - hair long and broad at the root - nose tip rather broad - small mouth -Lower lip thicker than the upper one - white regular teeth.

(c) Psychological dispositions

Sociable - elite - love of life - kind -hearted and sympathetic - gifted with grace of gestures, ease of manners and elegance of deportment - fond of new clothes with bright colours - preference for latest styles - fond of perfumes - optimistic in outlook - very popular and adored by all - love of fun and merriment - never loses faith - early marriage - polite and refined - food is scanty and flavoured with spices - fond of picnics - opposite sex plays an important role - honest and truthful - often deceived but given to forgiveness - dislike of fights and quarrels - rather ambitious.

Qualities of a bad Venusian - unscrupulous debaucher - detestable profligate - all the thoughts and actions detected toward obscenity and corruption - no regard for any moral code or ethics - indolent and self-indulgent - interference in others' affairs - creator of family troubles.

(d) Health Indications

Tendency to develop venereal diseases - tuberculosis - heart and lung diseases.

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