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The Line of Sun or Apollo

Normal position of the Line:

This is a vertical line in the hand, long or short.   If it is long, it starts from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and runs towards the Mount of Sun and generally terminates on the same Mount.  If it is short, it starts high on the hand and ends on the Mount of Sun.

General functions of the Line:

1. It is the Line of capability, expressive of he possible accomplishments in which the subject would excel.

2. It shows sufficient talent and intelligence which may lead to success and happiness if properly used.

Nature of the Line of Sun Characteristic features of the subjects

Absence of the Line The subject may work hard, but finds recognition of the world difficult to gain.

Long and uncrossed Riches

295. Straight and strong Fame in art

296. Well formed in both the hands   Successful career.

297. Very broad and shallow Showy.

298, Very deep Exaggeration of one's art.

299. Starting from the wrist running through the hand   Possession of great talent

300. Starting low in the hand and runs only for a short distance possession of talents but not productive.

301. If the Line rises higher in the hand and covers the space between the Head and Heart Lines (i.e. the Quadrangle) special talents of the subject operative.

302. Rising from the Line of Fate Success through personal efforts and merits.

303. Rising from the Mount of Moon Success or failure through the influence of external factors

304. Rising from the Plain of Mars A stubborn nature coupled with sufficient self-confidence and right resolution to achieve success - hands of a self-made person.

305. Rising from the Line of Head Success achieved late in life.

306. Rising from the Line of Heart A favourable sign revealing good tastes and adequate talents useful in old age.

307. Rising from the Line of life  Great interest in fine arts and occult study.

308. A clear, deep and well-cut Line Brilliant success assured -clear cut aim in life.

309. Poorly formed Line   Superficial Love of arts.

310. If the Line is present, then disappears and afterwards begins again Talents of the subject latent during the period of absence of the Line.

311. A chained Line Inherent talents not properly channelised.

312. A wavy line Vacillating career - erratic and unreliable.

313. Several vertical Lines on the Mount of Sun   Diversity of interest - difficult to attain success.

314. If the Line is twisted Permanent failure accompanied by wickedness and misery.

315. If on the Mount of Sun two parallel lines are seen one on each side of the Line of Sun Added strength to the already existing strong Line - undreamt of fame and glory.

316. The Line is strong with the Line of Head sloping towards the Mount of Moon, and the Mount of Moon bulging Sure sign of success through purely mental or literary pursuits.

317. The Line is strong, the Line of Head poor, the finger of Apollo is nearly of the same length as the finger of Saturn Speculative and gambling nature risking anything.

318. If the Line is deep and clear, the Line of Head straight and the Mount of Jupiter or Venus ruling Love of power and authority.

319. A clear Line accompanied by a strong Mount of Mercury, Apollo or Jupiter  High talents for business or politics.

320. If any auxiliary line starts from the Mount of Saturn and runs towards the Line cutting through it Success interfered and impeded for a long time, because of poverty.

321. If the Line is composed of many small lines connected together poor talents - no original ideas - subordinate to others.

322. If the Line is zigzagged and the Line of Heart is shallow or absent A high degree of mischievous intelligence and wickedness - sign of infidelity and misconduct.

323. When a subsidiary line from Moon joins or runs parallel to the Line Legacy, often from a woman.

324. When a line from upper Mars joins or runs parallel A substantial gift from a person other than the relatives - mostly in the form of landed property.

325. If the Line is long and uncrossed with twisted fingers Talent for evil purposes.

326. Branches or fine lines rising from the Line Increases the good effect of the Line.

327. If a branch from the Line rises to the Mount of Mercury.

Distinguished success in the direction of business, scientific pursuits and in the power of expression;

328. A branch from the Line merging into the Head Line Success through mental calibre

329. If the line is deeply marked on the Mount of Sun with pronounced Mount of Jupiter and Mercury  Aptitude for fine literary work.

330. Cut by a Line of Union Loss of position due to an unsuitable marriage or a disgraceful entanglement.

331. An island on the Line Serious loss of money or reputation.

332. Bars cutting the Line Constant impediments to success.

333. Breaks in the Line Versatility that brings neither money nor fame to the subject

334. An island on the Line in the hands of bad Jupiterians or Apollonians  Sign of losing money through bad conduct - a scandal in private life.

335. Dots on the Line Menace to the reputation of the subject.

336. If the Line ends in a dot Indication of a brilliant success.

337. If the Line begins with a star and ends with a star   Brilliant success throughout life.

338. A cross at the end of the Line Protection from evils of  all sorts.

339. An island at the end of the Line Later portion of life dull and insipid.

340. A fork at the end of the Line Subject's talents in more than one direction.

341. A well marked trident on the end of the Line  Celebrity - wealth from mental efforts.

342. If the Line ends in a tassel Talents fritter away in so many directions and accomplishments nil.

343. A star at the termination of the Line Success due to the assistance and good-will of others

344. If a star be seen on the Mount of Apollo Certain to achieve great renown

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