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The Line of Mercury

Other names for this Line:

(1) The Line of Health

(2) The Line of Hepatica

(3) The Line of Liver

Normal position of the Line:

It starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Fate and runs upward till it ends on the mount of Mercury.

General functions of the Line:

(1) It represents the health and disease of the individual.

(2) It is an indicator specially of the state of the digestive apparatus, the operation of the liver and various maladies which may arise from the impairment of important function of these organs.

Nature of the Line of Mercury   Characteristic features of the subject

Absence of the Line Not bad health.

A straight deep Line Sign of a good and sound constitution - robust health.

Composed of many small lines Unstable condition of general health and bad temperament owing to diseases of the liver or gall bladder - sign of restlessness and pessimism.

A chained Line Diseased liver and stomach.

If the Line is twisted or wavy Chronic diseases belonging to the ruling Mount.

Rising from the Life Line Most unfavourable sign of bad health.

Cut by several small horizontal lines Constant headaches.

If a star appears where this Line meets Line of Head  Mental disorder which might develop serious complication

If an independent cross is seen at any part of the Line Severe agonies and sufferings from disease, in old age.

If the Line is the forked in the Quadrangle and one of its branches touches or runs towards the line of Heart under the Mount of Sun.

It indicates Heart trouble at prime of youth

An island on the Line Delicate health.

If the Line runs deep into the Mount of Mercury and branches rise from it Excellent health and great success in business.

 If bars, crosses, dots, islands or other defects terminate or are near the ending of the Line Subject unlikely to recover from serious illness.

If the Line is straight not joined with the Line of Life and with a well formed rascette Longevity very well assured.

A cross towards the termination of the Line with a circle on the Line of Head Blindness.

A star close to the Line inside the Triangle Blindness.

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