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Tremendous mystery is associated with the palm.  The mystery of the palm is what may by called palmistry.  A superficial survey of the lines does not reveal the truth. 

That is why palmistry is not merely an art to be cultivated but a science to be studied and practiced with meticulous care and diligence.  "God made marks upon the hands of men, that the sons of men might know them." (Book of Job). 

The marks or the lines that we see on the palm of an individual  carry  wealth of meaning in relation to his position in this world.  Scientifically speaking, these lines are the manifestations of the bio-chemical processes that have taken place during his journey through life. 

Right from birth to the culminating point of one's exit from this world, these lines are the very driving forces whether for good or for bad.  The position of the lines, their origin  and growth and development, the way they have formed themselves, the kind of life that an individual could possible lead during his life time.  What should be biome in mind here is the continuous flux that the person is subjected to. 

For,  we should realise that there is, that is called, changeability.  It is precisely this changeability that becomes the pivotal centre of human living.  In other words, man does not live in a state of isolation, much less in a static condition.  There are many unseen forces that impinge upon his consciousness.  of course, there occur as a result means, this is a case of mutual interaction in addition to the potential qualities inherent in any individual. 

 Therefore, palmistry as a science and an are must be pursued against  this background of conditions and consequences emanating from the wrestling circumstances between actions and reactions, between the forces of good and evil.

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