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Every individaul has a number value which is calculated by summing up their birth day,month and year and also using name numerology. Select the number of your date / love and gift a suitable item matching their numerology

Gift suggestions:

Based on numerology the following items can be given as gifts to your partner:

1 Watch, painting, tie, jeweller box, briefcase, cookware, space saver, slide projector, tool set. 

2 Tea-pot, hobby set, purse, perfume, radio, stationery, stoneware, sheets, calculator, plants. 

3 Clothing, dishes, CD, CD player, flatware, skillet, furniture, grill, hair clipper. 

4 Fruit bowl, VCR, computer, blanket, kitchen appliances, microwave, tool set, chess set, watch, mini-cam, electronic games. 

5 Travel kit, calculator, VCR, spice set, bath oil, book, skates, skis, luggage. 

6 Gloves, perfume, painting, decorative piece, bake-ware, silverware, furniture, copper, comforter.

7 Teapot, stationery, hobby set, bracelet, robe, bedding, camera, jacket, silverware, book, painting, reading light. 

8 Gift certificate, step stool, toiletries, raincoat, bake-ware, scale, iron, radio, blouse, flatware. 

9 Clock, juicer, skates, crock pot, computer, rocker, towel set, humidifier, heater, electronic gadgets.

Get Tamil Name Numerology: 

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